• I visited the gym today and had a great experience! The staff and members are extremely helpful and friendly. It is a bit far away from my house to sign up, but if you are in the area you should check them out. The facility was clean and well kept which is always a plus for fitness related facilities.

    Mitchell Chamale
  • Of course you get 5 from guys are like a pro fighter please take it from notch..expect pain..but you'll come out a stronger person..ill see you guys soon..and thank you for lasts a life time

    Eric Kovarik
  • I have trained with Julien for going on 6 years and couldn't say enough good things about him, what he's done for my level of fitness ability and even how he shaped workouts for me through my 9 months of pregnancy. I recommend Julien and his partners whole heartedly!

    Amy Ladd Miller
  • This is the best MMA, Boxing and fitness gym in the area. Fantastic owners/Trainers who know what they are doing and push you to train hard and look and feel better. Check this place out.. You won't regret it.. Training from beginners to Advanced levels and Athletes.

    Cammie Lehrer
  • Ahhhhh where do I start?! I just love Edwin! Edwin is such an awesome trainer/ person! I just love how his workouts are customized to whatever your fitness goals are! Since training with Edwin I've been able to achieve the best fitness results I could ever imagine! Edwin I'm so happy for you. You're going to go so far because you're so humble and I Love you for that! Keep it up!

    Cina Ci
  • Hands down Fusion will make you the best possible!!! Hard work and dedication along with a skill set second to none Julien and the whole team are there to help you on your journey.

    Mark Peace
  • Awesome place! My nephew and niece went here while visiting from Ohio. They were introduced to boxing and some MMA training movements. It sparked their interest and they will be continuing some training when they get back home. Thanks guys!

    Ron Valdivia
  • Jt is a phenomenal trainer. He is very knowledgeable about world of fitness. I have observed him working with ages 5 and up and it truly amazes me to see the time and hard work that he puts in. And seeing the results are even better. If you are looking for somewhere to train this would be your spot, hands down. Wish I could give 10 stars.

    Crystal Ford
  • My 9 year old daughter loves coach JT and his team. She's been boxing with them for about 6 months now and looks forward to her time spent with them. I thought it would be impossible to turn my prissy princess into a boxer but they did it! They became a second family to her and that gives me such joy in my heart knowing she's in good hands when i cant be there with her. I highly recommend them to everybody!

    Maria Cruz
  • My 11 year old son started training with Coach JT two and a half years ago and it has been an AMAZING experience. Gabe has learned so much. He has grown in boxing and in life. He has gained so much confidence and life skills as well as boxing skills. Coach JT always pushes them to work their hardest. And Gabe is very proud of all his accomplishments as a boxer. He is currently ranked #1 in Florida for his division and #7 in the World for his division!!! All because of Coach JT's guidance. I would recommend ANYONE to train with JT.... You will not be disappointed.

    Sandy Snodgrass
  • This place is fantastic. Julien and Edwin bring it for an exciting, challenging and fun workout. There's a great group of people here too.

    Jon Kukor
  • There is no better place to not only get healthy, but be in a mentally healthy environment surrounded by support, honesty and friendship, the keys to truly being healthy inside and out. I truly love these guys and gals. #FusionRampage #SmoovJitsu

    Adam Lowery
  • I love this place. It's my second home to Teknique Boxing. I enjoy the workouts. And the environment and coaches are amazing! They make you feel welcomed.

    Nayelli Nayers
  • JT is an amazing coach! Our 10 year old son and 9 year old daughter have been training with him for the past 6 months and have developed so much athletically. He has an unbelievable rapport with all of his clients and is able to challenge them to achieve their fitness goals through positivity. He uses his calm demeanor and wealth of knowledge of fitness and boxing to gain the respect of his team and create confident athletes. You will leave the gym feeling like a part of a big family. Our kids walk with a new confidence that he has helped them achieve. Thank you JT and team!

    Rick McDonnell
  • Love love love this place! Julien, JT, and Edwin are amazing!! If your not at Fusion X-cel, your at the wrong gym!!! Amazing energy everyday. Thank you guys!!!

    Charlene Alie
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